Delivery Method offers market research reports at reasonable prices with flexibility in report format and delivery options. The reports can be delivered in standard format Adobe pdf. In case any statistics are associated with the reports then there is the option of downloading the content in Excel.

Download in PDF: The report can be emailed to the users email account from the publisher. The report is restricted to personal use and circulation of report to other users is prohibited.

Hard Copy Delivery: The hard copy of the reports can be sent to the shipping address and will be delivered in 2-3 business days. There would be additional delivery charges based on the geographical location. Please go through the delivery charges before placing the order.

Corporate License: Corporate license enables the reports to be accessed by authorized users apart from the customer. The reports can be shared over the corporate intranet with the access given to a limited number of employees. The circulation of reports to other users apart from the authorized users is prohibited.